Friday, May 6, 2011

Graphic Intense

Hello, my darlings!

First off, I have a Tumblr! It's the companion to this blog, so a lot of things might seem like repeats, but I'll try to throw my sketches up there too. It's over here at Pink Like Me.

As I'm still hunting for work like Artemis would chase down a white stag, this is going to be a bit more of a graphic-heavy post. But you all don't mind, do you?

I had several mini-adventures! One was wandering in Downtown Melbourne, feeling quite rejected from another unsuccessful job interview, and stumbling on a table by the church folding paper cranes for Japan. I stopped for about an hour and a half and helped, since the kind woman who was working the table had long lost feeling in her fingers from folding for hours. It was kind of peaceful to sit there and fold cranes for a while. Several people came by and talked about how they were affected. Melbourne is an extremely international city, and so many people knew someone who was directly affected from the disaster. I was relieved to hear from my kids over in Japan and that area of the world.

Since my lack of cosplay has been driving me slowly insane like a slow-acting poison, I sewed a kigurumi (cosplay pajamas) for myself for the oncoming winter. Silly as they look, they're very comfy. One of my friends, Magdeline, organized a get-together for a bunch of us with these pajamas, and had a meet-up. It was a bit like an adorable, geeky slumber party in the middle of the day. Karaoke was had, games, etc. I drew some! (More on my doodle there later.)

While looking for work and being sick and unemployed for three months is harrowing and stressful, I still absolutely adore the city, but mostly for the people here. Everyone I've met has been incredible, and all of them are dear to me.

Speaking of those people...

I went out dancing for the first time with Miss Sonja and Hattie! (I'm doing up her corset here while she sips pear vodka. She's absolutely the classiest. Also I swear we're not watching horrifying torture, it's the Hunchback of Notre Dame.) We went to Baroq House, which is a gorgeous venue. It had been a long time since I last danced like that, and man, I was sore the next day. I think I had to roll out of bed and slowly drag myself to the sink like a snail.

Do you want some sketches? Why not?

I'm kind of a big lover of the ballet. Unfortunately, I never managed to catch the Louisville Ballet's productions, so I often have to watch things online. I took ballet as a child, and while I was supposedly "graceful" and danced... I just...twirled away and didn't have the talent or discipline. So instead, I admire ballerinas from afar. I was fond of this one. I'm not sure what I'll use her for. I tend to have ballet themes by default because my figures have their movements. (I feel like ballerinas are what all Mahou Shoujo actually move like.)

Now, one of these girls should look familiar. It's Sylvana! I'm still figuring out her story and how she fits in. And I revived one of my older characters and revamped her design to be more acclimated to Sylvana's world. Una, her handmaiden. In a lot of folklore, such as the Hulder and other fey, tails, hooves, and horns were the signs that fairy magic was afoot.

Remember these two? Well... When I was desperately trying to figure out my Australian Visa, it turns out that at the end of the year, I have to leave, regardless of my work status or anything else. I can apply for another, but it's complex, and will take a couple of years to clear. The devastation that I was going to be ripped from the city I fell in love with downed me enough to write a sort of emo, introspective hopeful little mini-comic, which I'm almost done with. It's called "stay. Melbourne, a love story."

Missing the lettering here, but I'm really relieved to get back to comics after an absence for a while. Right after I got out of SCAD, I think I was so overwhelmed working on them that I didn't want to anymore. It's kind of nice to not worry about assignments or nitpicking, either.

Anyway, hopefully good news my next post, yeah?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It lives!

It's easily been pretty much over two months since I've posted… Sorry about that. Let me give you a recap of most of those two months:

I was either
A) Sick
B) Freaking out
C) Crying.

Perhaps I'm exaggerating. But I'll tell you what, being (woefully) unemployed has very few advantages, not the least of which is roaming around theoretically with lots of time on your hands, but spending it looking for work. As I've figured out being friendly, energetic and cheerful, then being sent home rejected and crying does nothing… I decided it's time to man up, pull myself back together and figure this thing out. Somehow. Um.

It was my 22nd(woah.) birthday! Annie's birthday is just a few days from mine, so we had a joint birthday party. I think my favorite gift was my two plants, Herbert and Bertie.

We held it at "Dolls on the Mount"- A tearoom just outside Melbourne. Annie did a nice, in-depth report here.

There was also a legendary Melbourne Cosplay meet. I'm trying to get myself used to photographs, but I don't think I'll ever get the hang of it. Since I had to leave my cosplays behind and can't afford any new ones, I cobbled together some kind of bizarre Mori-outfit for the shoot with my antlers.

There were also fancy events I attended in which I somehow look like a derpy cheshire cat (according to my mom.) Thanks to Sam over at Reclog for all of these photos! She's incredible.

In the wake of the tragedy in Japan, Annay and I trekked out in cosplay and normal-clothes to raise money for the Red Cross. It was freezing, which is probably what got me sick in the first place.

Since I've been pounding the pavement (when I haven't been puking), looking for work, it's left me suspiciously unable to draw much, but I've kept up my practicing!, I promise!
I find I either like very noodly, spindly shapes on figures, or cute, chubby fat ones. What does it meaaaan.And, here's an art piece I did for the cool guys over at All Star Comics Melbourne. They wanted some girlier designs, but not lose the edge and careful design they have for the whole brand.

Alright, everyone take care! I'm out!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

After all the shenanigans of the holidays, I made the biggest gamble of my life and moved to the other side of the planet, to Melbourne, Australia!

The sequential art community is thriving and rising in Australia, and the economy is healthy. It seemed the best idea to move there. ...Also, some of the best humans ever live there.

We got to go to a Japanese Summer Festival!

It's a gorgeous city, with modern architecture and historical sensibilities in harmony. It's very green, very beautiful. I can't wait to settle in here better. I've only been here ten days or so, but it's starting to feel like home.

Art has been on a bit of the backburner as I hunt for a day job and re-gather my supplies. (You can't take it with you, you know.) But I did manage to get this started:

Let's see where this goes, hm?


Thursday, December 9, 2010

I wanna be beside her!

So I kinda went to Paris.

I had been before as a young teen, it was wonderful to go back at 21 and experience it from the viewpoint of an Art School graduate.

Here's a selection of my photos... It was COOOOLD, but wonderful. I became a very successful hunter-gatherer!
So, that was Paris! Now to organize my artwork...


Friday, November 19, 2010


Wow, I survived my last quarter at SCAD!
All things considered, everything went better than expected!
While I was an art nun, I did manage a social life too, cuddling kitties and hanging out with friends. It was a very low-drama quarter for me, and a perfect way to wind up my college career.

AWA wasn't as successful as I hoped with the AA, but I heard much the same story from everyone. It was just a hard con in general.

Classes were tough but awesome, mostly self-driven, which is more like the real world I'm about to face!

Here's some artwork I produced during the quarter!

I had the awesome opportunity to do some mascots for Blasphemina's Closet! She was a delight to work with, and these were so fun!
A page from my "Spectagirl" story, which I wrote for my Senior Project class... I'm afraid it won't be finished, but it was fun and different to work on.

A page from my childrens' book, Bree the Starstitcher. I decided I'm going to do this in marker instead of watercolor, but I'm still fond of this one.

Now I have Paris to look forward to!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Pre-AWA Art Dump

Here's a mini art-dump, as I've been plowing along making AWA things.

A kind of mori-ish girl. IDK. I kind of wanted to do some Showa-era illustrations.

Fairykei counterpart! She's cute but kind of vapid... I'll probably redraw her!

The Haute Couture Ladies of Avatar. I'm pleased with this, but it took an INORDINATE AMOUNT OF TIME TO DO, seriously WTF.

Here's what everyone's wearing, BTW!
Toph: Alexander McQueen RTW Spring 2009
Katara: Elie Saab (Collection escapes me ATM)
Azula: Elie Saab Couture Fall 2010
Suki: Valentino Couture Spring 2009
Ty-lee: Betsey Johnson TW Fall 2008
Mei: Alexander McQueen RTW Fall 2008
And, for whatever reason, I cannot remember who Yue's wearing. I want to say it's either Saab or Valentino. Could be wrong.

Robins as Birds on a Wire! I kvetched a lot before I figured out how I wanted to do this... And otherthanTim'semblembeingonthewrongside I'm really pleased with it. IDK.

Naturally I had to do one for the fandom of my heart, etc. I made very few prints of this, obviously, since, really, who will buy these. Pretty much nobody. Also the end of the scarf looks like a hand wiggling its fingers at Miharu in a dastardly manner. ROFL.

Also, a bazillion style-centric chibis. We weren't allowed to do fandoms, so I did these.
I made two Gaga chibis as stickers. IDK. If I can't use em, I'll put them away.I made Fairy Kei bows, too.(This was in progress. I added some pearls and such, too.)

In other news, we got a kitty!
After a summer of denying it, my Dad caved when this handsome boy came slouching up to our door. We dutifully returned him to his owners... But three weeks later, he reappeared! We knew we were supposed to keep him. He's friendly and affectionate, and a real charmer. He's also super-athletic and active, which my parents are still getting used to! I'm glad I'll be leaving him to take care of my mom while I'm gone. His name is Jack, and he's named after the character in Mom's book right now. (Jack Buchannan, Jack's namesake, has an identical cat in the book, named Charbon, for "Charcoal" in French.)

And... Speaking of. I'll be leaving for Melbourne roughly January 25! Since I graduate, mom and I decided it was stupid of me to hang around the US for no reason, so right after the holidays, I'll fire like going out of a cannon. I don't know how long it'll be till I get internet after that... It's surreal to think about. But I'm also very excited.

I don't know if it's just fear for the really hard classes, my last quarter, being so very close to Magna Cum Laude, or simply fear of social life or something. I just want to stay here and work.

I've hammered out a Senior Project I'm excited about. A Steampunk Mahou Shoujo story about an Indian girl in the 1900 Parisian World's Fair. It involves mechanized transformation sequences and enchanted glasses. I'm scared to take the Childrens' Book class, and I am thoroughly convinced I'm going to have my rear-end passed to me by the Illustration Department. And then there's Math.

I think what'll bridge the gap between Social fears and School fears is basically vowing myself as an Art Nun. To only focus on my artwork and my projects, to devote my time only to classes, and making a powerful Senior Project that can speak for itself. I made the decision to leave my Lolita and my Dolls at home while I work on my last quarter. (Odette and Sylvana are going with me- one as a model for AWA and one as a muse, but they'll be more or less out of the picture, and Laksha and the boys are staying home. No, they're not very happy about it either, ROFL!) I brought a bit of felting should I absolutely break down and want to play with fabric, and embroidery floss, if I want to embroider, but my major is SEQA and I should devote my time to making comics. When I get out of school I can play with fabric, but it isn't wise right now with everything else going on.

Here's to surviving and thriving through another quarter at SCAD!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Post-New York City Art Pile!

Now that I've been home a while and have had time to plow and pick through my NYC sketchbooks and things, here's a long-overdue art pile!

Looked at waaaay too much "Madonna and Child"-esque art. Not that I mind.Her eyes were based on sculptural sketches by Lee Bontecou at the MoMA.

The theme of my paper for Art History was the "Memento Mori."
When I was trying to explain what I meant, I drew this for my class.
Also, high five I am morbid.

One of my sketches from the front row of "A Little Night Music."

A cute creepy girl. I wanted to devise a pet for her, so I asked what kind of pet she should have.
Among the suggestions were: a lemur, a snake, and a chupacabra.
A bit of Sailor Moon doodling. The bigger drawing is a sketch for one of my AA prints of the three Serenity princesses/queens/etc brushing hair and tying odango.

I also had to create a four-page comic. This was inked and inkwashed, then printed on brown paper, with white charcoal for highlight, then added selective color digitally. (That sounds an awful lot more complicated than it actually is!)
This is Page One! Read the rest over here on my DA.

Alrighty, kidlets. Till next time!